The Wise Man Maduro Torpedo

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The Wise Man Maduro Torpedo

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Foundation Cigar Company has built monumental success over the past 2 years by merging old traditions with modern day styles. Dedicated to creating every cigar with heart and soul thanks in part to the creative blending style of owner Nicholas Mellillo, Foundation has hit their mark again with El Gueguense Maduro. The cigar is comprised of a Mexican San Andrés maduro wrapper over Nicaraguan tobaccos from Condega, Estelí, and Jalapa, which the company says creates “an independent and unique flavorful profile from the original El Güegüense.” The El Gueguense Maduro flavor profile offers bold flavors of black pepper, dark roast espresso and cacao, with a nutty finish. The El Gueguense, “The Wise Man” is a blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos creating strong flavors of pepper, espresso, and cacao.