Espinosa Marcielago Toro


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Espinosa Marcielago Toro

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The bat is back! Erik Espinosa re-launches Murcielago. Back in 2009 Espinosa released one of his most sought after blends, Murcielago. This cigar was awesome. Thing is, it was made in the My Father Factory. After Espinosa and Eddie Ortega parted ways years back the blend was lost. It has taken years to clone his once masterpiece by reverse engineering the original cigar. The new Murcielago has been modernized and the packaging and band have the iconic Lamborghini lines. The wrapper used on this revamped line is a Mexican Capa Negra Tobacco. The binder and filler are undisclosed but they are Nicaraguan. Erik Espinosa claims that this new release of the Murcielago is better then the old.?