Casa Turrent 1880 Supremo

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Casa Turrent 1880 Supremo

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The Casa Turrent 1880 is a beefy, nearly rock solid cigar that feels like it’s either been stuffed with tobacco or is using some rather heavy leaves, judging by its weight in my hand. The wrapper is a gorgeous dark chocolate brown, rich with tooth and minimal with veins, while the seams are nearly invisible. The foot has a light chocolate syrup lead note, some woods behind that, an occasional soy or teriyaki sauce note, and a bit of light pepper on the finish, the combination of which is rather enjoyable. The cold draw is a bit richer with its offering, as it’s more chocolate brownie than syrup, much less pepper and almost no wood, though the soy/teriyaki note reappears in certain samples. Air flow is good on all three samples, coming in just on the firm side of perfect.