C&A Mistress Toro

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C&A Mistress Toro

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The Mistress sports a well tanned, somewhat veiny and fairly toothy wrapper, and while it isn’t overly oily, it does have a good depth of color. It shows a bit of inconsistency in its firmness; as samples grabbed my attention for being near rock hard near the head, only to show itself as softer towards the foot. The roll quality is otherwise good and the caps are very well applied. The foot of the first sample doesn’t offer much in the way of aroma, smelling a bit like plain cake donuts with just a touch of sweetness, though something does leave my nostrils tingling. A second sample is rich with berry sweetness and a bit of pepper, while the third is more baking spice forward. The cold draw is smooth, easy and more revealing, offering damp woods, with the first and third samples offering a faint bit of cinnamon and nutmeg, as well as a bit of pepper and kettle corn, while the second adds more of the cold berry sweetness.