Brick House Original Toro

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Brick House Original Toro

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The original Brick House cigars were Cuban puros, handmade with the finest Havana tobaccos. Third-generation cigar makers, Eric and Bobby Newman, have re-designed this vintage Brick House Toro Natural (6″ x 52) cigar brand by blending specially aged Nicaraguan tobaccos with hearty Havana Subido Natural wrapper leaves to match the rich, well-balanced flavor of their grandfather’s Brick House cigars. Handmade in Nicaragua, these flavorful cigars are designed to be enjoyed and shared just like J.C.’s friends and family would have done 150 years ago with the original Brick House cigars. Such a great cigar deserves to be appreciated on the water while drinking a refreshing cold beer, soaking up the sun, and enjoying your vacation off the coast of Nicaragua.